89% eco certified ingredients · 99% natural origin · VEGAN · cruelty free


Super hydrating, pleasant, water-based Serum. A powerful, moisturising and intelligent cell repairing facial and eye treatment. This double-action, effective and progressive serum contains liposomes of botanical Hyaluronic Acid to optimise results for all skin types, including dry, sensitive and oily skin types. It is regenerating, fast-absorbing and comes supercharged with marine extracts, which help close open pores, leaving skin smooth, youthful ­looking and ultra-luminous.

TACKLES: wrinkles, blemishes and thirsty skin.
FEELS: light, concentrated, active and fresh.




Full size: 30ml (1.01 fl.oz)


HYDRATING LIPOSOME SERUM · Marine Plants with Hyaluronic Acid

  • We like to think of a Serum to skin care as a supplement is to food; it is not a substitute to daily essential creams, but a boost for extra nutrients and hydration. Suitable for all skin types and ideal to use especially before or after partaking in outdoor activities such as walking, skiing, sun bathing, yachting... Helps add luminousity to the skin before an important event such as a wedding or party. 


    On a day-today basis, can be used for the following: 


    AS A PREVENTIVE TREATMENT:  Apply morning or evening 3 to 7 times per week. 


    AS AN INTENSIVE TREATMENT: Apply twice a day (morning and evening) for 10 days, followed by an interlude of a few days. Continue with a maintenance treatment.


    AS A MAINTENANCE TREATMENT: One daily morning or evening application, as part of your facial routing. 


    • Apply 1 or 2 pumps of Serum to face, eyes, neck and décolleté after cleansing and toning.
    • Follow with appropriate Day, Night or Anti-Stress Cream.


    IMPORTANT NOTE: If this Serum is applied during daytime, it is important to follow with one of the above Ecologic creams, to act as a barrier against sunlight and pollution. 


    PRO-TIP: For an extra “kick”, massage our Marine Plant Serum into skin, after exfoliating, and prior to applying Ecologic's Clay, Pineapple & Avocado Face Mask. Leave face mask to act and "push" the Serum's active ingredients into the skin. Remove before completely dry. Finish with Ecologic’s Moisturising Day Cream, Enriching Night Cream or 24h Anti-Stress Cream



Effective, progressive & non­-agressive results on the skin

Natural cosmetics with organic,

eco-certified ingredients

Paraben free, 

silicone free, 



PETA verified 

cruelty free cosmetics and vegan options

Climate friendly 

practices to help reduce global warming

Independent, ethical and

coherent, family brand

Recycled, recyclable, reduced and re-usable packaging