Ecologic Cosmetics is an exciting family project born in the Mediterranean island of Mallorca in 1993, pioneered by Linda Nicolau and now conducted by her daughter, Alexandra Nicolau. This entrepeneurial team of two have always understood the importance of using environmentally conscious products, and firmly believe in the positive effects of efficient, natural cosmetics and organic skincare. 

- WHO WE ARE | Origin of a Mission -

Linda Nicolau, founder of Ecologic by Linda Nicolau S.L. (1993), started her career in the beauty world and spa industry over 30 years ago. As an experienced European cosmetologist and therapist, as well as an exclusive cosmetic importer and distributor, Linda has worked with prestigious companies such as Estée Lauder, Harrod's, Ultra Glow, Versace or Dolce & Gabanna to name a few - yet her passion for the world of beauty and her interest in the environment, motivated Linda in 1993 to create her own brand of high quality, climate friendly, natural cosmetics made in Spain.  


Her dream was to design range that cared for nature and ecology, avoiding unnecessary waste in packaging and providing long-term results. After many years of research and development with specialist chemists, the brand Ecologic Cosmetics by Linda Nicolau was born: an effective, environmentally conscious and sophisticated, natural cosmetic line.

Alexandra Nicolau, who studied Business Administration & Management and Marketing & PR, joined the project in 2003. Together with her mother they opened their first Spa in their island home. Since then, they have successfully opened and run Spas throughout the country. However, it is a reflection of Linda’s love for our planet and the need for its protection for ourlselves and future generations, what truly drives Alexandra.

Working hard day to day to improve, she always strives to evolve and has lead the launch of a new image with innovative materials and renewed organic formulas; Mediterranean cosmetics inspired by her homeland. She shares her love of healthy food and eco lifestyle on our Instagram account, where you can discover her passion for life. Alexandra’s aim? To create #ClimateFriendlyCosmetics fans around the globe, always remaining faithful to Ecologic’s principles of ethics, quality and evironmental awareness.

- WHERE WE LIVE | Mediterranean Soul -

Our Home


Our island is located just off the East coast of Spain. It is as beautiful as it is cosmopolitan. Filled with flavours from around the globe (whilst remaining faithful to its Mediterranean essence), its outstanding colours and breathtaking landscapes serve as an absolute inspiration; not only for our cosmetics but as a reminder that natural preservation is a gift.  

"What we put on our skin

enters our bloodstream, and matters"




"Since our brand was first launched in 1993, we have always remained faithful to our vision and philosophy: creating quality, environmentally friendly cosmetics, manufactured with safe ingredients that provide long-­lasting effects both inside and out.

As a trained skincare professional and therapist, I seek results. As a natural cosmetics user and a bit of a pioneer in the ecological movement within the beauty industry, I am proud to say today that I have personally experienced the benefits of using our brand since the early 90’s. I cannot emphasize enough that it is never too late to care for your skin with natural, respectful, non-toxic ingredients. I invite you to begin your journey today towards attaining a healthy, radiant complexion no matter your age or skin type"

Linda Nicolau

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