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Supreme Cleansing Milk enhanced with vitamin-rich oil of Evening Primrose and calming Calendula, to open and activate pores. Designed to dissolve impurities, remove make-up and extract daily grime. Effective for all skin types & ages thanks to our intelligent, gentle yet active, balancing formula that eradicates excess oil, whilst tending to dry and sensitive areas.

FEELS: delicate and silky, with a gorgeous floral scent.
TACKLES: impurities, with or without make-up.




Full size: 200ml (6.76 fl.oz)

Travel size: 35ml (1.18 fl.oz)


TRAVEL FACIAL CLEANSING MILK · Evening Primrose & Calendula

  • Cleanse skin twice a day - preferably morning and night - using the following process:  


    • Apply one or two pumps of Ecologic Facial Cleansing Milk onto skin. Massage into face, neck and décolleté areas paying close attention to nose, chin and forehead. Can be used safely around the eyes.
    • Gently remove cleanser with a tissue, cotton wool, damp sponge or warm cloth to help eliminate all traces of make-up and impurities. Splash with fresh water if you so desire. 
    • To complete your beauty routine, apply our Facial Toning Mist and follow with your choice of Ecologic Cosmetics' Serum, Day CreamNight Cream or 24h Anti-Stress Cream



    For extra cleanliness (key to beautiful, bright skin) our very own director, Alexandra Nicolau, turns her evening skincare routine into a double-cleansing process with only one product. She applies a first layer of Evening Primrose & Calendula Facial Cleansing Milk and removes with a dry tissue or cotton pad to eliminate make up, excess oil and debris adhered to the skin’s surface throughout the day. She then follows with a second application of the cleanser to tackle those defiant particles of pollution and grime that have been absorbed deeper into skin. She concludes by removing the cleanser with a warm to hot, damp facial towel or cloth. The warm water not only provides that extra clean feeling but aids open pores further, ready for toning. 



Effective, progressive & non­-agressive results on the skin

Natural cosmetics with organic,

eco-certified ingredients

Paraben free, 

silicone free, 



PETA verified 

cruelty free cosmetics and vegan options

Climate friendly 

practices to help reduce global warming

Independent, ethical and

coherent, family brand

Recycled, recyclable, reduced and re-usable packaging


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